Easydent Budapest Dental Clinic

Nobody enjoys going to the dentist. The accumulated unpleasant experiences and the memories of painful treatments can easily develop a life-long fear of the dental chair in the patient. In our accelerated everyday life it is not easy to make appointments and patients often have to wait for weeks before their dentists can treat them.

Start to view your dentist differently!

As one of Europe’s best dental service providers, we are proud that we can offer our patients special treatments that include all the special fields of dental and oral care and that we can do this painfree if needed and up to 70 % cheaper than in other European cities.

We place an enormous emphasis on prevention; our qualified dental hygiene expert is available for those interested, motivating our patients to preserve their healthy teeth by providing them the most important information about home oral care and custom-tailored advisory.

¬†You can find our clinic in the center of Budapest. Our clinic has many years’ professional experience in the field of dental implantations; using the most modern German, American, Japanese, and Swiss equipment and dental devices, we offer our services at the highest possible level at reasonable prices.
Instead of metal we apply zirconium and many treatments are now possible with anaesthesia, thanks to our anaesthesiologist colleagues. One factor that contributes to many patients choosing our clinic is the fact that our warranty period exceeds that of the avarage periods offered by other clinics.

Continuous communication with our patients is of key priority for us so the knowledge of foreign languages is a basic requirement towards our colleagues. Agreeing on the colour and shape of dentures requires joint decisions and consultation and we strive to make sure that our customers leave our clinic satisfied, with a flawless and healthy smile. Aesthetic teeth are today considered as a basic expectation both in our professional and our private lives and can easily be one of the determining factors of our careers, so we can by no means neglect the aesthetic state of our mouth.