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Tooth jewel


For a brilliant smile...

The tooth jewel is a tiny cut glass (Swarovski or Twinkles crystal), gem (ruby) or 24-carat gold jewellery that is glued on the tooth surface, applying a special procedure. They come in various colours and sizes.

Tooth jewels do not damage teeth and may be removed at any time.

This is due to the fact that dentists usually fix them using such a technology that prevents even minor damages to the tooth enamel.
There are clinics and surgeries where the surface of the tooth is drilled in order to fix the jewels more securely and then glue them in the tiny holes created. However, this solution has to be considered carefully as a healthy tooth is much more valuable than a small jewel - no matter how glittering and fashionable it is.

It only takes 10-15 minutes to attach the tooth jewel.

First of all tooth scale and discoloration have to be removed from the tooth and then the chosen jewel is secured on the polished surface, using a special adhesive. Exposed to the blue light used in the surgery, the adhesive hardens immediately, so the patient may even eat afterwards.

Durability of the tooth jewel varies according to the individual.

It depends on the position of the jewel, the eating habits of the patient, as well as the possible bite disorders, so the jewel may remain fixed for a few months or even several years. The tooth only sticks to the original tooth; it can be secured on false teeth using crown adhesive (cement).