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The cost of the consultation is £40.
If you start treatment within 1 month, the consultation fee will be deducted from your dental fees.
A panoramic x-ray will be taken on spot for a fee of £20. If you already have a recent x-ray and / or treatment plan from your own dentist, please bring these with you to the appointment, although it is not required.

What to expect at the consultation:

  • Meet your dentist before you travel to Budapest
  • Finding out your specific needs
  • Bitewing x-ray of your mandibles
  • Examination by the dentist
  • Consultation about the best treatment options suited to you
  • Dentist creates treatment plan agreed with you
  • Immediate creation of a price offer
  • Answering any further questions
  • If you desire we can set appointments for you for your treatments in Budapest

We will start the consultation with finding out what your specific needs and expectations for the treatment are.
In order to facilitate our dentist with helping you make the right choices and so as to offer you the best advice we will take a bitewing x-ray (your upper and lower mandibles).
After this the dentist, with the aide of the x-ray, will examine your teeth and assess your situation. Once completed the you and the dentist will discuss in detail what type of treatment you desire and what is the best approach to accomplishing your needs.
The dentist will then recommend a treatment plan for you. At the conclusion of the consultation we will immediately generate a price offer for your specific treatment plan that you can can then review; if at this point we will happily answer any further questions you may have. In addition, if you desire so, we will be able to schedule your treatments at this point. If you have any of your dental records you may bring them for the dentist to review, although this is not required.